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Nestled in Mumbai's heart, we are storytellers, not of the mundane, but of the magnificent. Every narrative we craft, from the bustling streets of our city to the heartbeats of India's soul, resonates with passion and precision.


A glance at our documentaries like 'The Unreserved', 'The Borderlands', and the scintillating Netflix series "Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream", unveils a world where tales aren’t just told – they’re lived. Garnering national accolades and global appreciation, our work speaks volumes.


When industry stalwarts like Infosys, Tata, and Reliance wish to narrate their saga, they turn to us. Our magic doesn’t just lie in our storytelling but in our ability to make every viewer feel a part of the narrative.


Dive into our world at Camera And Shorts. More than a story, we offer an experience. One that's bound to lure you in, irrespective of whether you have a tale to tell. Because with us, stories aren't just watched – they're felt.

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