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Camera and Shorts Media Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a media production house, currently based in Mumbai. Our business model primarily aims at working on projects with organizations, companies and institutions related to the study/promotion of travel and culture and simultaneously nurture and foster a sustainable talent pool that can deliver artistic content through collaborative efforts.

We wish to bring to the forefront, forgotten cultures and hidden storiesfrom the deepest recesses of the globe and emerge as a medium through which cultural ignorance and intolerance in the society is minimized.

Our methods relating to projects, people and landscape of our target area aims at creating immersive experience for the audience. Our unique perspective owing to our rather different approach ensures individual expression encompassing universal values. A typical day on the field might see us sleeping under the stars with a group of nomads at a Gurudwara or even by the road.


The current obsession with the internet has fragmented the massive general T.V audience into myriad splinter groups each with its own demographics and interests. The marketers are now able to gauge the exact impact of their campaigns and ‘real people’ stories seem to resonate with the audience on a more personal level.

The audience wants more control and freedom. However, it remains largely unexplored and has a huge potential due to the evolving socio-cultural needs. In such a scenario, we believe ‘non-fictional advertising’ is a way forward.

India, with it’s huge cultural diversity houses a demography that deserves to be noticed and inspiring stories that are waiting to be told. This huge unexplored territory filled with human stories and connections is where we are plugging ourselves in.

We want to transport the viewer not into an alien world but into the real experience and hence ‘Rolling the Experience’ is the maxim we go by. Organizations that want to bring out the true essence of their work in the form of videos will see us as an ideal company to work with. The scope in this territory coupled with our style of unconventional travelling makes us stand out.

The diversification of interests has also opened up minds of individuals who wish to explore new places and their own identities through new experiences. Travel has made massive revival in the new evolving urban Indian culture. The availability of a huge audience provides us a great backdrop to build ourselves upon. This also helps generate wider interest about the areas unexplored and contributes to create a market for documentaries in India which has been mostly stagnant.

The main aim of our documentation is to gain a wider audience and to send across a strong message. Participation in film festivals, conferences and panel discussions relating to conservation/preservation/promotion of heritage/culture only opens up new avenues for us everyday.

We understand the risk levels involved in foraying into this yet unmonetized area, but we see a definite potential for us. To realize this we have a skilled team who believes in the idea and who has delivered quality content in the past.

While we are incessantly working on our current projects we are also exploring new avenues and looking forward to widening our scale. We believe that we will realize our goals as per our target if we continue to work the way we have.

If this has sent your curiosity run wild feel free to drop by or Shout out to us!

Rolling the Experience,
Team Camera and Shorts.

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